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About Our Chosen Charity

Be An Angel’s Vision

Children are the heart and soul of humanity — they represent all that is good within us. Be An Angel believes that no child should be denied the opportunity to experience life at their fullest potential.

Our vision is to use all available means to help create a world where every child who is multi-handicapped or profoundly deaf has the opportunity to experience improvements in their quality of life to facilitate their ability to grow physically and emotionally to the full extent of their individual capacity.

Be An Angel

Helping Improve Children’s Lives

As a caring, committed, and compassionate support system, Be An Angel’s vision is founded upon the belief that identifying and fulfilling the needs of these very special children by providing adaptive equipment, special services, and programs will provide the spark that will brighten their lives.
This vision is driven by the belief that our Creator endowed each of us with a limitless capacity for love and compassion. There is no greater expression of love and compassion than to commit time, energy, and financial resources to the service of others.
Be An Angel believes every child is important in this world and can contribute to others in a meaningful way. All the help and donations we provide contribute to a longer, more productive, and fuller life for the children we serve.
Your donations are making a difference!
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Angels in ActionAngels in Action

Lady Clay Shooters Fully Supports Be An Angel

In addition to hosting our annual charity shoot, we support our chosen charity in many ways. We volunteer our time, talent, and energy to the organization. We also help provide much-needed adaptive devices and support the following programs:

  • Camp Be An Angel
  • Success Golf
  • Christmas Gift Program
  • Supplemental Nutrition
  • Respite Care